Graeme's Birthday

Graeme turned 11 yesterday!!! That means I have been a mommy for 11 years. Boy am I getting old. For me my children's birthday is also a time to reflect on how I am doing as a parent. I like to check in so to speak. The thing I am loving about this age is that G is so excited about everything, he loves beign around his family and friends and also loves doing solo activities. He is so smart and makes many wise cracks that I am constantly LMAO at. The thing i don' t like is that he is becoming so independant and often can do things on his own... in other words without my help. I know that this is part of life and part of the lifecycle, but it is very difficult sometimes to watch this little person that was so dependant on you, not needing you so much anymore.

Here are some photos of the birthday. All he wanted was a skateboard, " just like dad's"!!! We got him the parts and he and Bruce (dad) spent the afternoon putting it together and he lOVES it.