Bad blogger & birds

I have been a bad blogger. I have two friends who have blogs that I go to almost daily to see what wonderful stories they have written. I haven't been to my blog in..... over two months. I really am a bad blogger. I love havign a blog and love reading others. I am going to make a concentrated effort to update my blog a little more frequently.
So on that note here is my latest design team challenge for week 68. It is all about the birds this week. This is a picture of the kids at Seaworld in San Diego holding baby chicks that were born that morning, probably about 3-4 hours before the picture was taken.
We just happened to be in the right place at the right time (we were actually in the wrong place to see the show we wanted). I love that my children receive as much joy from holding baby chicks for a few minutes as they did seeing a whale show (which we did eventually see later and it was really good). My point is they weren't the least bit disappointed that we missed it the first time, because we had this wonderful experience that many park goers would have had.
Enjoy the photo and check back soon. I will blog again.