I have a secret. I don't think anybody knows, but I have always wanted to write. I don't mean books or articles, but just little ditty's here and there about how I feel about what is going on in my life. It is almost like a diary. I used to write in a diary, but then my younger sister found out where I hid it and I stopped writing in it.

I process information in my head by telling a story about what has happened and how I think it will end. This is my way of sorting things out.

I got my idea to start blogging from Bruce's uncle George, whom, although we are only related by marriage, I consider my uncle as well as my inspiration for writing. I anxiously await every new post from uncle George to his blog. He is a seasoned writer and very good at it. Oh, to have that talent. Although, I would love to be able to one day write to that calibre, I will continue to post to my blog, now that I have started writing.