Back to school

I am not sure if back to school is good or bad. Our family loves the freedom of the summer, but we thrive on routine. Perhaps the summer is just the right amount of time for us to get the freedom we crave without taking away too much time from our "normal" life.

Here are a few pictures of the kids on the first day of school. THis is the first, first day of school I have not been there. I was working at a different school, starting my new job. Bruce had to take the photos with specific instructions from me as to where they were to be taken and which one was portrait or landscape. What can I say, I like the consistancy in my album. So after much eye rolling and example sketches, he agreed to do as I asked. And he did, but he also got some goofy shots, which I never do. So now my pre planned layout is out the window, but I think with Bruce's photos it will be even better. It sure shows the kids personalities.

He then took the kids to school and they were all fine and had a great time. Nobody said anything about missing me or it not being the same. I guess that is good. It means the kids are well adjusted and open for change. The problem is me, I am not so well adjusted and don't like not being able to do the big milestones with my kids. Oh, the joys of watching your children grow up!!!!!

Happy first week of school.

(having issues with photos, will add them later when I can figure it out)